California State Bar Defense Attorneys

At Century Law Group our attorneys provide representation for attorneys during disciplinary processes including State Bar defense, admissions and reinstatement proceedings. With more than 50 years of combined experience, our team of legal experts understands the nuances of legal ethics and State Bar discipline and is committed to the successful license defense of our clients.

Legal Ethics And State Bar Defense In California

At Century Law Group we are attorneys that represent fellow attorneys in cases of legal ethics issues and State Bar defense. We also provide expert witness testimony and assist lawyers with their admission to or reinstatement to the California State Bar.

While some attorneys believe that they understand legal ethics and State Bar defense well enough to handle their own cases, it is always advantageous to retain an experienced legal ethics attorney who can give you more options and who will improve your chances of success, particularly in attorney discipline proceedings.

We represent attorneys during all phases of the disciplinary process, including State Bar defense in disciplinary actions, and admissions and reinstatement proceedings. In addition to these services, Century Law Group also serves as a resource for attorneys who need consultations regarding ethical issues that arise in their everyday practices. Contact Century Law Group (866) 522-2642.

Dissatisfied clients, malicious adversaries and other attorneys and judges file thousands of ethics complaints each year with the California State Bar. Some of these complaints will be subject to further investigation to determine if formal disciplinary charges should be filed. In order to avoid possible prosecution, however, it is advisable to provide a timely response to any complaint letter.

Responding To Ethics Complaints

While most ethics complaints are found to be without merit, retention of counsel is imperative and should be done as soon as a complaint is made known to an attorney. A well-crafted response is usually enough to end a formal investigation in its early stages. Unfortunately, missteps, such as disclosing unnecessary information or attacking the complainant, can result in innocent attorneys facing further investigation along with its unwanted consequences.

Although attorneys are technically capable of representing themselves in cases of ethics defense in front of the State Bar, this is certainly not advisable. While there are many good reasons for hiring counsel for your State Bar defense, counsel skilled in the nuances of handling State Bar disciplinary proceedings can be the difference between a reproval, suspension or disbarment.

Practical Advice And Experienced Representation

Century Law Group is committed to helping every attorney find answers to their questions and successful resolutions to their problems. We help clients in the following areas:

Century Law Group offers reasonable fees and costs and efficient service that will not waste your time or money. Our Firm’s experience and legal background helps us to understand and anticipate potential problems. In negotiation and litigation, we help attorneys solve the ethical issues that arise in their everyday practices.

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When you have questions regarding State Bar and lawyer discipline in California, contact us at Century Law Group LLP where we provide counsel and representation in legal ethics, State Bar defense and expert witness testimony. Call us toll free at 866-522-2642 for more in-depth information on our state bar defense practice.

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