Security Clearance

Century Law Group specializes in handling security clearance hearings throughout California. We provide you with expert help, advice, and representation if you are seeking a security clearance from the federal government.

The process of obtaining a security clearance is a detailed, time-consuming one. The FBI completes a background investigation, in which they may interview your friends and acquaintances. They also examine your credit and criminal history. Aside from this, there are many record checks made by the FBI on each applicant, such as family member investigations, verification of biographical data, issues of citizenship, and education and employment history.

Completing the forms required to obtain a security clearance can also lead to many questions. The forms must be completed accurately and truthfully. Complex issues often arise concerning the completion of these forms.

If you have questions about security clearance matters, please do not hesitate to call Century Law Group. We are available to discuss individual cases in a confidential manner.

There are a variety of services that Century Law Group provides to clients including:

  • Advice to and representation of U.S. Government employees and contractors and military personnel during all phases of the security clearance process — from initial application through investigation and adjudication to appeal.
  • Assistance to clients in completing security clearance applications and questionnaires
  • Pre-application counseling and screening of potential security clearance nominees/applicants consisting of interviews; document review; and background checks — with a focus on identifying, preventing, and solving potential problems that could result in clearance denials.
  • Advice to and representation of persons facing denial or revocation of their security clearances or sensitive compartmented information access, to include:
    • Preparation of responses to Statements of Reasons (SOR)
    • Representation at personal appearances before agency personnel security officers and clearance review appeal panels
    • Representation before administrative judges at the Defense Office of Hearings and Appeals (DOHA) “personal appearance” hearings (for civilian USG employees and military personnel) and Industrial Security Clearance Review hearings (for government contractors).
    • Preparation of written appeals of adverse decisions of DOHA administrative judg
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