California Dental License Defense Attorneys

Dental professionals are held to rigorous standards of practice in California. Even minor mistakes could result in serious consequences, including a formal investigation and review of your professional license. Our license defense attorneys specialize on representing licensees and those seeking licenses in Los Angeles, San Diego, San Francisco and throughout California. From license admission or reinstatement to defense against accusations or civil lawsuits, our attorneys provide experienced, results-driven guidance and representation.

With more than 50 years of combined experience, our lawyers provide knowledgeable counsel on all matters of pharmacy admissions procedures, peer reviews and license reinstatement. We also provide counsel on maintaining an ethical practice in compliance with administrative regulations and all state and federal laws.

Dental License Admissions, Review And Reinstatement

Dentists facing disciplinary charges or civil litigation for alleged misconduct often benefit from the proactive representation provided by experienced license defense attorneys. The board may impose discipline on a licensee for errors in dental practice or suspected misconduct. If you have received a notice of investigation by the Dental Board of California or other administrative authority, we will assist you in the defense of your professional license, as well as your reputation. Common examples of misconduct investigated by the Dental Board are:

  • Patient-care violations
  • Alleged substance abuse
  • Ethics violations & unprofessional conduct
  • Prescription errors
  • Insurance fraud
  • Allowing a non-dental employee to work with patients
  • Confidentiality violations
  • Failure to comply with mandatory reporting requirements

We will focus on the relevant issues and assist you in preparing a strong defense that addresses concerns and minimizes personal liability. We have represented dental professionals in hundreds of professional license review cases before the Office of Administrative Hearings, the Dental Board of California and before state and federal courts throughout California.

Tip for protecting your license: If you have come under scrutiny, you will likely be contacted with a letter and/or telephone call from an investigator. If you have been contacted in any capacity, it is advisable for you to contact an attorney before replying in any way to the investigator or the board.

California Dental Board Investigation Process

The Dental board may conduct an investigation when they receive a patient complaint or notice from a legal authority. In the process of an investigation the board is looking to determine whether the violation is more minor or serious. In the case of a minor violation the board may close your case confidentially, issue an educational letter, issue a fine or citation, or possibly invite you to a voluntary educational review.

If the board finds a more serious violation, the case may be referred to a deputy attorney general for formal disciplinary action. That may lead to filing an accusation or in the case of an applicant, a statement of issues, which initiates a formal hearing process.

Penalties imposed at the administrative hearing stage may include a letter of reproval, probation, license suspension, an interim suspension order, surrender of your license, or license revocation. We help mitigate the risks of you losing your dental license and livelihood.

An experienced license defense attorney can help you focus on the relevant issues and protect your rights. Our professional license defense attorneys are advocates for dentists facing license revocation, peer review proceedings, and other legal and professional challenges. If you have been targeted by a state board investigation that threatens your license to practice, don’t hesitate to contact us and schedule your free consultation before responding to the Board or jeopardizing your own case.

Whether you have received an Accusation or you are an individual who has been denied a license, we can help. Schedule an appointment to discuss your case with one of our Dental license defense attorneys in a free initial consultation.