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At Century Law Group, LLP, our Board of Behavioral Sciences defense attorneys represent professionals throughout California who have been investigated, placed on probation by an accusation, or had their licenses denied, suspended, or revoked, so they can tell their sides of the story.

Our skilled behavioral sciences license defense lawyers understand the multiple layers of the Board’s investigations and will provide the skill and resources our clients need to take a stand.

What Types of California Behavioral Sciences Licenses Does the Board Oversee?

The California Board of Behavioral Sciences is one of the boards found within the California Department of Consumer Affairs.

The Board develops statutes and regulations targeted at ensuring competency in the mental health professions and protecting consumers.

The Board investigates consumer complaints and imposes disciplinary action against licensees and registrants who violate the law, including:

  • Licensed Clinical Social Workers (LCSW) Associates (ASW)
  • Licensed Educational Psychologists (LEP)
  • Licensed Marriage and Family Therapists (LMFT) and Associates (AMFT)
  • Licensed Professional Clinical Counselors (LPCC) and Associates (APCC)

If you are under investigation for a consumer complaint, or facing disciplinary action from the Board, you have the right to consult with a professional license defense lawyer in California before responding. At Century Law Group, we will ensure your rights are protected throughout the legal process, so you can face these allegations with confidence.

What are the Most Common Complaints Reviewed by the California Board of Behavioral Sciences?

When a Board of Behavioral Sciences license applicant or holder is facing a statement of issues claim, an investigation, or accusation, our law firm’s skilled professional license defense lawyers and support staff in California help protect their rights, so they can respond to the Board in a timely and well-equipped manner.

Some of the most filed complaints against behavioral sciences licensees include, but are not limited to:

  • Unprofessional conduct.
  • False advertising.
  • Not complying with Telehealth regulations.
  • Failing to reveal fees in advance of service.
  • Any form of fraud, including insurance or misrepresentation.
  • Failure to maintain proper and honest patient records.
  • Not allowing patients proper access to their mental health records.
  • Failing to maintain required confidentiality.
  • Gross negligence or professional incompetence.
  • Giving or receiving kickbacks for referrals.
  • Purposefully and/or recklessly causing physical or emotional harm to a client.
  • Employing an unlicensed assistant or failing to properly supervise licensed assistants.
  • Failing to provide clients with the Sexual Misconduct Brochure.
  • Sexual misconduct involving a client or former client.
  • Drug or alcohol abuse, sometimes taking place while on the job and involving illegal narcotics.
  • Alleged mental illness, physical illness, or chemical dependency compromising the ability to perform their duties safely.

In addition, complaints may stem from a criminal conviction that is “substantially related to” our client’s ability to continue in a therapeutic role, or when they are already being disciplined by another state agency or a federal agency.

While this is not an exhaustive list of complaints, the Board takes each allegation seriously, and can effectively suspend your license during the investigation. We can help ensure the special rules of evidence and agency-specific processes are implemented before any disciplinary action occurs.

How Do the California Board of Behavioral Sciences Discipline Proceedings Work?

The California Board of Behavioral Sciences requires written examinations for each of its licenses, ensuring any individual holding a license is competent to practice.

The Board may seek to discipline a license holder or applicant who has been convicted of a crime or accused of acts of unprofessionalism or dishonesty through licensing denials, suspensions, or revocations.

The disciplinary process may begin with a request for a written explanation of the alleged conduct by the licensee. If you have been served with a complaint and are being asked to make a statement regarding the allegation, contact our skilled professional license defense attorneys in California today to help draft your response.

This is a critical part of your defense and should be taken beyond a simple statement assuring the Board the allegation is not true. We can help you outline the circumstances, provide supporting documentation, and, in many cases, help suppress the investigation before it starts.

If the Board’s investigation proceeds, it will require the filing of a formal complaint, called a Statement of Issues for a first-time license applicant, or an Accusation for a license holder.

A response in the form of a Notice of Defense and Request for Discovery must normally be filed with the Board within 15 days.

Next, an administrative hearing is scheduled at one of California’s Offices of Administrative Hearings.

During an administrative hearing, the Board is typically represented by a deputy attorney general who will present evidence and give witnesses the opportunity to testify under oath before an administrative law judge to help support their case.

It is important that the Board of Behavioral Sciences license holder or applicant have an experienced administrative hearing and defense attorney on their side to ensure their rights are protected and their stories told. We can help with both.

Depending on the circumstances of the case, these matters may be resolved before the administrative hearing at a pre-hearing settlement conference.

When they cannot, the administrative law judge will issue a written decision recommending what discipline, if any, is warranted. That may include private and public reprimands as well as probation and more serious actions such as suspension, revocation, and license denial.

Do not let one of your most valuable assets — your California Board of Behavioral Sciences license — be taken away from you during an investigation, simply because you do not have the resources to defend yourself.

Contact our skilled defense attorneys today to reclaim your professional identity, so you can take back control of your life.

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