Experienced California Professional License Defense Attorneys

Century Law Group specializes in defending licensees and in representing those seeking licenses before all courts in the State of California.

Our Firm has extensive experience in defending licensees against Accusations. Upon receiving an Accusation or Statement of Issues, a Notice of Defense must be promptly filed in response to the Accusation or Statement of Issues to preserve the right to a hearing. If you’re an applicant that has been denied, or are a licensee who has received an Accusation, contact us immediately to strategize your options. At Century Law Group, we understand that your license is your livelihood.

The Value Of Seeking Counsel

We know that the prosecutor/investigator has told you that you do not need counsel.

  • What don’t they want you to know?
    • That an attorney knows how to craft a settlement by which you may not have to admit to any wrongdoing.
    • That an attorney can prevent a settlement that may help their efforts at being promoted (and is unfair to you).
    • That an attorney has a team of psychologists who know how to put you in the best light in order to increase the chances of a good resolution.
    • That an attorney knows how to call their bluff with respect to the charging of investigative/prosecutorial costs. Many times, we have saved clients an amount of costs exceeding the client’s fees to us.

We handle cases involving a wide variety of professional licenses and have represented hundreds of professional licensees in front of their respective licensing boards, including:

Over the years, our lawyers have represented hundreds of clients in professional licensure cases before California licensing boards. Our primary goal in these matters is to defend and protect our clients’ licenses. Our experienced professional licensing lawyers can help you obtain your professional license or defend your name and protect you in disciplinary actions.

Acting quickly in solving your licensing issue is imperative to your case and may even need to be done in 15 days or less to satisfy licensing requirements. To speak to a lawyer at our Firm about a professional licensure case, call us at 866-522-2642 or email us now.

California Professional Licensing FAQ’s

What should I do if someone from the licensing agency contacts me?

Do not discuss your incident/matter with anyone. Should anyone attempt to contact you directly, please refer him/her to us. Absolutely no documents regarding your case should be signed without first consulting with us.

What will my hearing be like?

Your hearing will be very similar to a trial in court, with witnesses, exhibits, and rules of evidence. An Administrative Law Judge will preside; there is no jury in these proceedings. The judge is not employed by the agency bringing this action, but by the Office of Administrative Hearings. A government attorney represents the agency bringing the action. Remember: before the hearing closes, you must submit all the evidence you want the judge to consider.

What can I do to help my case right now?

Someday it may become necessary to obtain the testimony of your friends, neighbors and/or co-workers regarding your matter; for that reason, you should begin to identify witnesses to testify on your behalf. We will instruct you, if applicable, about how to contact witnesses that may not be friendly.

When should I get in contact with a lawyer? Why do I need a lawyer?

It’s never too soon to call and ask questions. Do not enter a plea without first obtaining legal advice – even for a minor offense. If you are not represented by someone at your administrative hearing, you may experience considerable (and unnecessary) costs and license discipline.

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