Skilled Jeep Lemon Law Attorneys in Los Angeles, California

At Century Law Group, LLP, our California lemon law attorneys know that Jeep drivers are loyal to their brand.

Jeeps are among the most affordable vehicles to own, drive, insure, and maintain over time, which keeps consumers coming back and buying and leasing both new and used models year after year.

Even with a track record of dependability, Jeeps can leave the assembly line with defects just as easily as another car, truck, or SUV might.

When they do, the California Lemon Law is there to protect you from being stuck with a defective Jeep that substantially affects its use, value, or safety.

Here is what you need to know about pursuing the manufacturer for a legal remedy for your defective Jeep in California.

How Do I Know if My Jeep is Covered by the California Lemon Law?

The California Lemon Law protects you — and all Jeep owners — who have taken their Jeep to the manufacturer, dealership, or certified mechanic for a reasonable number of attempts to repair a vehicle defect.

A reasonable number of attempts in California includes:

  • Two or more attempts to repair an issue that could cause serious bodily injury or death.
  • Four or more attempts to repair the same problem covered by the manufacturer’s warranty.
  • Any Jeep that has been out of service for repairs for more than 30 days total — not consecutively.

That can include any of the following Jeep makes or models, like the:

  • Cherokee and Grand Cherokee
  • Commander
  • Compass
  • Gladiator
  • Liberty
  • Patriot
  • Renegade
  • Wrangler
  • Wagoneer and Grand Wagoneer

If your Jeep is exhibiting signs of a mechanical, electrical, or structural defect that is continuously causing you to return the vehicle for repairs, contact our experienced lemon law attorneys in California today to schedule a free consultation.

What are the Most Common Defects Associated with Jeeps in California?

Depending on the type of Jeep you purchased or leased, commonly reported defects have included:

  • Air conditioner problems
  • Brake problems
  • Computer malfunctions
  • Cracked manifolds
  • Drivability issues
  • Electrical failure
  • Fluid leaks, including motor oil, steering oil, coolant fluid, transmission fluid
  • Hard up and down shifting
  • Rough gear shifting
  • Stalling while driving
  • Steering problems
  • Structural defects
  • Sudden deceleration
  • Transmission failure
  • Vehicle cannot turn on
  • Water Leaks

If you are experiencing a potential defect with your Jeep, be sure to keep all the records from the dealership after each attempt to fix the problem.

That should include the service dates, times, and repair locations, and each of the diagnostic records listing the problem and how it was resolved — or why it cannot be fixed.

How Will Century Law Group Help Me Pursue a Successful California Lemon Law Claim?

At Century Law Group, we begin each of our client relationships with a free consultation.

This allows our potential clients the opportunity to understand their legal rights and options to pursue Jeep for a replacement vehicle, cash settlement, or repurchase.

Once we have determined that your Jeep meets the legal threshold for repair attempts, we will explain how to compile the necessary documents to move forward with your claim.

That includes all the paperwork associated with the repair attempts and communication with the dealership or another certified mechanic.

Next, we will need to review your Jeep purchase or lease agreement, and the manufacturer’s warranty that came with it.

We will review each document carefully before presenting your complete claim to Jeep.

From there, we will firmly take the lead in communicating with Jeep and their legal counsel to ensure your case is given the attention it requires by submitting all the necessary supporting paperwork to prove the Jeep’s defect substantially affects its use, value, or safety.

We will determine which settlement option is best for your unique needs, including forcing Jeep to:

  • Replace your Jeep
  • Repurchase your Jeep
  • Offer a cash settlement for your Jeep

To help ensure your case is successful, our California lemon law attorneys at Century Law Group must file your claim within the statute of limitations, which is four years from the date when you first discovered a potential defect.

Can I File a California Lemon Law Claim if I Ignored the Defect?

Like all manufacturers who are presented with a California lemon law claim, Jeep will examine the vehicle’s defect through a legal lens to deny it.

Unfortunately, if you fail to maintain the Jeep — either by ignoring a defect until it renders the car inoperable or simply not observing scheduled maintenance appointments — it may give the manufacturer the opportunity they need to deny your lemon law claim.

The core of any successful California lemon law claim is that the Jeep’s owner has made a reasonable number of attempts to have a mechanical, electrical, or structural issue fixed.

If you have simply ignored the problem or decided to live with it until it caused further problems with the vehicle, you may be placing your California lemon law claim in jeopardy.

To help ensure your legal rights are protected, take your Jeep to all scheduled maintenance appointments, and alert the dealership or certified mechanic to any potential defects, so the record of repair attempts starts right away.

From there, we can help build your case for success by providing the legal leadership you need to pursue real results.

Contact Our Skilled California Jeep Lemon Law Attorneys at Century Law Group

At Century Law Group, our Jeep lemon lawyers in California know that our clients buy or lease a new or used Jeep that is under the manufacturer’s warranty to give them peace of mind.

A Jeep warranty means that you can take it to the dealership and have all qualifying repairs made without paying out of pocket. When your Jeep has a defect that substantially affects its use, value, or safety, we can help you pursue the manufacturer for a real solution.

Contact our experienced Jeep lemon law attorneys in California today at (310) 642-6900 or online to learn more about the legal solutions that are available for your unique circumstances. We provide free consultations and a straightforward approach to helping you put your Jeep lemon behind you.

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