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At Century Law Group, LLP, our California lemon law attorneys represent clients throughout the state who are unsure how to pursue consumer protection for defective Chrysler cars and minivans.

If you have purchased or leased a new or used Chrysler that is exhibiting signs of one or more defects that cannot be fixed and is still under the manufacturer’s warranty, you may be eligible to pursue a legal remedy under the California Lemon Law.

Here is what you need to know about building your claim for success.

Are All Chryslers Covered by the California Lemon Law?

Chrysler vehicles are increasingly popular purchases in the U.S. The Pacifica alone was the second top-selling minivan in the country with over 47,500 sold last year.

As the brand evolves to keep up with the newest technology, the advanced designs and manufacturing changes may increase the chances of vehicle defects.

When a Chrysler has a mechanical, electrical, or structural defect that cannot be fixed by the manufacturer after a reasonable number of repair attempts, it may qualify for protection under the California Lemon Law.

That could include all Chrysler makes and models, including the:

  • 200
  • 300
  • Aspen
  • Pacifica
  • PT Cruiser
  • Sebring
  • Town and Country
  • Voyager

If you have questions about your Chrysler, and when it qualifies as a defective vehicle, contact our experienced lemon law attorneys in California today to schedule a free consultation.

What are the Most Common Chrysler Vehicle Defects?

Under the California Lemon Law, a defective vehicle is defined as one that substantially impairs your vehicle’s use, value, or safety.

Common issues that have been reported with Chrysler vehicles include:

  • Check engine warning light remains illuminated
  • Engine shutting off while driving
  • Engine failures
  • Malfunctioning computer and electrical components
  • Motor oil, steering oil, coolant fluid, and/or transmission fluid leaks
  • Sudden deceleration
  • Rough gear shifting
  • Loud clunking noises from the transmission
  • Transmission not shifting properly
  • Transmission failure
  • Unresponsive gas pedal
  • Vehicle cannot turn on
  • Vehicle stalls while driving

If your Chrysler is covered by the manufacturer’s warranty and is spending more time in the repair shop than it is on the road, you may have a lemon. We can help you understand how to meet the legal threshold to pursue the manufacturer for a solution.

How Will I Know If My Chrysler is Defective?

To determine whether your vehicle has a defect that is covered by the California Lemon Law, you must prove the problem negatively affects the value, safety, or use of the vehicle.

That is accomplished by taking the Chrysler to the manufacturer, dealership, or certified mechanic for a reasonable number of attempts to repair the defect.

A reasonable number of repair attempts include:

  • Two or more repair attempts for an issue that could cause serious bodily injury or death during its operation.
  • Four or more repair attempts for the same problem that is covered by the manufacturer’s warranty.
  • A Chrysler that has been out of service for repairs for more than 30 days total — not consecutively.

If your Chrysler is under the manufacturer’s warranty and is showing signs of being defective, you may be eligible to file a lemon law claim in California.

What Documents Do I Need to Support My California Lemon Law Claim?

If you believe your Chrysler meets the legal requirements for pursuing a lemon law claim, the manufacturer will expect you to have the documentation to back up that assertion.

That includes providing complete and accurate records from each of Chrysler’s service appointments, including the dates, times, repair locations, and technicians who worked on the vehicle.

These records should contain clearly chronicled diagnostic reports listing the problem, and how the dealership or certified mechanic attempted to resolve it.

You will also need to present the original paperwork from the purchase or lease, and the warranty information. This will allow our California lemon lawyers to outline your complete damages before we begin negotiating the proper solution with Chrysler.

How Can Century Law Group Help With My California Lemon Law Claim?

Under the California Lemon Law, consumers are eligible for three possible remedies.

The manufacturer may:

  • Replace your Chrysler
  • Repurchase your Chrysler
  • Offer a cash settlement for your Chrysler, including the:
  • Down payment
  • All monthly payments
  • Taxes
  • Interest
  • Balance of the loan
  • Rental cars, cab fare, rideshare costs, and towing expense reimbursement
  • Compensation for GAP insurance or service agreements that were purchased with the vehicle

To help ensure your case is successful, our California lemon law attorneys at Century Law Group will outline the repair attempts and submit all the necessary supporting paperwork to prove the Chrysler’s defect substantially affects its use, value, or safety.

Next, we will build your case to include evidence of how your Chevy’s defect has interrupted your day-to-day productivity. That may include details concerning the hardships of constantly breaking down, the challenges of being without the vehicle, missed work or other commitments, or significant worries about the safety of operating the vehicle.

The California Lemon Law is designed to protect you from living with a defective vehicle. Our lemon law attorneys in Los Angeles are here to enforce that protection, so you can put your Chrysler ownership behind you and move on to a safe, defect-free vehicle without delay.

Contact Our Skilled California Chrysler Lemon Law Attorneys at Century Law Group

At Century Law Group, our Chrysler lemon lawyers in California can help you build a strong case against the manufacturer, so you can pursue the best legal remedy for your transportation needs.

We will include all your case costs and attorney fees in your lemon law claim and will be paid directly by Chrysler when we settle your claim, so you pay nothing out of pocket to reach a proper solution.

Contact our experienced Chrysler lemon law attorneys in California today at (310) 642-6900 or online to learn more about the legal solutions that are available for your unique circumstances. We provide free consultations and straightforward legal advice, so you can move forward with confidence.

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